Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Love You when You Sleep

I have never been a huge fan of explaining my poetry. It's as if I have given a nicely wrapped present and blurted out the secret of its content before the final piece of tape is pulled. But this one isn't really shrouded in mystery, so I will just say this, it is an amazing time to be living in St. Louis.

I Love You when You Sleep

Black Borsalinos and trench coats
Shuffle down sparsely populated sidewalks
Youthful eyes of old ladies carrying yoga mats
Agendas trickle down open highways
Previously filled with turn signals and brake lights
For some
The final stop
For others
The first of many
All motivated to get there
To be there
To move while the rest sleep
They lay
Behind locked doors
Beneath ceiling fans
Wrapped in wool and covered by down
Dreaming of red birds and sheep
Twitching to I, IV, V heartbeat
Those high on the hill
Wave their green, white, red
Paying homage to heritage and sister city
Southerners scar themselves in remembrance
Wide open West
Now cluttered with track housing and strip malls
Bridges built to bring together
Create barriers
Lines of demarcation
Fabricated fear surrounds the North
Where children play with innocent smiles
But now
Now they sleep
And the beauty of this moment is captured by those that see sunrise

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