Monday, October 10, 2011


I am kind of odd in that I am both a morning and a night person. It is mid-day and early evening that suck for me. I have definitely always had a special relationship with the morning, and that relationship is brought to its pinnacle when there is someone else to share it with.

I had just intended to create a #MicroPoetry this morning, but there were too many pieces to the image I was painting.


Chest to back
My arm
Beneath breasts
Clutching ribs
Your hands
Beneath pillows in prayer pose
Our lower trunks
Flesh to flesh
Both transuding and thickening
Our legs
Tangled root system
Soft silken skin
Woven through weathered limbs
Your feet
Burrowed between mine and sheets
Your hair
Shrouding sleeping smile
My white fringes
Pop against purple pillow
My lips find your lobe
To whisper your reveille

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