Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#MicroPoetry Recap: September and October

We have made it to November, and as I look back on some of the tiny poetry I have posted for the world to read or ignore, I am reminded of the kind of writer I am, how I live in series, how my themes are cyclical, how I hide reality behind poetic device, how I dream of love and want to feel wanted. In the end, I am happy with the writer I am. I couldn't be any other way.

For those that follow these posts on my Twitter or Facebook, you may notice some differences between the original posts and what is shown below. I always do a little last minute editing before sending the blog.

Hope everyone enjoys. I'd love to read some feedback on the words, the themes, the intent...whatever you feel as a result of reading the fissures of my mind.

I stood there
Staring up sincerely
Wanting to play Romeo
Juliet never came

Woke up in nightmare
Empty room
Foxes agitating elephants
Decibels attempting to break psyche
I power down

I didn't think of you
Until exhaustion took control
And sparks illuminated grey caverns
Where your image was put to rest

Followed the ghost through hallowed passages cutting the city's core
Headlights on red lights that disappeared in fog

Drove open interstate
Baptized by September's crisp kiss and soulful sounds
Reborn beneath midnight moon

Light's fragmented finger
Races claps of thunder across a splintered sky
As he navigates curves from nipple to button

At apex of sweaty exhaustion
I heard it
Everyday I'm shufflin'
And I sounded my barbaric yelp

If I was a painter
I would interpret this sky
All haze grey
With descending lemon sun displaying dominance

I danced in Summer End’s grey mist morning
Floating through fog like Monet's lilies
Felt air wrap around me like your arms once did

The salty-sweet nectar thinned by saliva
The shallow breath tremble felt beneath palm
The release in your eyes

Heard unexpected voice in sleep-eyed morning
Heart pounding
Active cognition offers explanation

She sat silent
Staring into black morning
Hidden strangers
Watch her sip coffee
For the last time

I played her body like a virtuoso
Caressing dissonant chords
Creating tension and release
The symphony of her breath

Her fingers rolled the worn ivory like a restless wave
Manipulated the moment with introduction of ebony's minor fall

Chased crescent moon
Weaving red river rapids
World a blur of sound and wind
My head
My heart

Lips lost in shadows
Nape of neck
Beneath pale yellow glow of Gibbous Moon
Tongue sears flesh

And I
Cocooned by pillows and high thread count
Could sleep for days with only your movie playing in my mind

Your eyes
Speak with laughter and levity
My eyes
Listen with earnest and envy

Tangled fingers
Release butterflies
Awkwardness of slow-motion collision
Flesh finding flesh for first time

I woke up so I could force myself to dream of you
Your smile
The tone of your voice in this created conversation

Your fingers that run my hair then trickle down my face
Remind me of what it feels like to be connected
To be happy

Your voice
Reaching rafters
Spirals softly downward
Engulfs me
Wraps me in emotions I thought long forgotten

Your belly
Round with baby
Removes all flaws

Heard whisper turn to roar
Saw increased intensity with each illuminated demand
Felt foundation shake at climax

You held hostage my dreams
Captivated the current
Forced the future
Painted pictures so vivid
My heart heard

I still remember how she looked in her summer dress
Bare back and shoulders
Exposing the art work the world rarely sees

I imagine your touch
The placement of your head on my chest
The sensation of holding you tighter as you succumb

I saw your slow spiral downward
Once hanging from limb smiling at the sun
Now floating on silent wind

Dance floor
Illuminated by silver hue of midnight moon
Our bodies
Perfectly paired puzzle pieces moving as one

Your foreign touch feels familiar
Shivers me with anticipation
Produces shallow breath
We move to midnight music

His mind plays tricks
Descending to darkness when the world is absent sun
Imagination controls night thoughts

I live in shadows of waking thought
Riding fissures from limbic system to frontal lobe
Holding close hope and aspirations

Aroused by April's brisk wind
He stands at attention
Receiving final orders
Before permission to penetrate the fortress is granted

I lay beneath clouds so thick
My cold soul could no longer feel sunshine
Like when your smile went flat
Your eyes empty

Fingers on hot flesh
Silent shallow breath
Lovers speak through their bodies

She slept
Head on my chest
I felt her dream
Deep breaths
Eyes fluttering
She escaped nightmare
By my embrace

Ghouls and goblins
Ring doorbells with sugar-high fingers
While werewolves stalk kittens
Hoping for a late night snack

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