Saturday, November 3, 2012

#MicroPoetry: September - October (2012)

Summer has ended and with the birth of autumn comes change, good change. I think that is reflected in these words.

#MicroPoetry: September - October (2012)

Focused on sweat beads and burning lungs
Escaped into mental jewelry
Images of sunsets and you

Watched smoke rings
In thick pre-dawn September sky
Hang for an eternity
Like fine art
Pinned to Nature's canvas

He stood there
Smelling of fire and false freedom
Mud stained mug
Offered quick cognition

I dreamt that you dreamt of me
Recalling my laughter as I recall yours
Remembering the story of my face as I remember yours

I felt solitude
Fingers stretched across empty sheets
Searching for warmth
For familiar forms
For flesh to flesh connection

In silent moments
When the world stops
Manufacture new realities
Weave together splintered images
Of you
And I
Create more perfect memories

Flashlights from heaven
Cut thick quilted clouds
God's love riding on Euclid's rays
Offering validation to both creation and evolution

Hotel heart hits at 110 bpm
Like slow trance
Placing blankets on x-heads within

I felt your words
Move from ear to spine
Send shivers as shadows fall

I miss
Your weight
Your contours
Your sun-kissed warmth
The way you feel in my hands
The way you vocalize my slightest touches
The way my fingers glide across your familiar skin

I cleared away clutter
So I could see you clearly
Hear you
As if your lips were pressed to my lobe
Offering warm whispers

Our lungs
In unison
Inhale shared air
Exhale tension release
Uniting breath with body

These lungs
Having fought demons
Exasperated mind
Dreams of full chest breaths

Spent days in solitude
Wrestling with demons
Angels refused to rescue

I dreamt
Of your hands
Your fingers
Still twitch in time
Forever slappin’ guts on ebony
As you held maple close to chest
I thought of you
As rain formed crystal balls
On blades of grass
Allowing ants to dream
Of life beyond their station

Lively trees
Shed Halloween skin
Coating green Earth
In multicolor daydreams
Beneath October’s white dawn

Earth rotates
Shadows reseed
And I watch eyelid movies
Of you

Quiet stillness
Only the hum of slow semis on side streets
Hides behind
Mountains cloaked in shadows
Sleepily sits
Refusing to move
Cold conductors
Except this one lonely lamp

Single ceiling fan
Stirs stagnant air
The only movement
Alarm clock glow
Visual noise
Steals his focus
He lies silent
Staring at red numbers
Counting clicks
Until he can feel her

Single strand of silk
Gently Sways
In autumn breeze
Solitary spider
Runs the tight rope
Desperate to avoid persecution
For he wants to bite no one
Only that fly that annoys us all

Feathers furled
Tucked close to chest
Expressionless face and wide eyes
Stare me down
He as fascinated as I

My heart
Beats soundly
Sends pulses
To fingers and feet
Feet planted firmly
Secure in this moment
Fingers reaching for you

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