Saturday, September 1, 2012

#MicroPoetry: July - August (2012)

Summer slowly fades; September offers a reminder of what was and foreshadows what will come; and I welcome the ride. July and August were good to me, got to go home, to see my mom, the state that I love and miss; got a couple new tattoos; had some amazing wine dinners; drank more beer than I should have; turned another year older; found a person; saved a buddy and somehow inherited a dog in the process; no major complaints.

Here is my poetic recap for you. I hope you enjoy!

Starring into silver seas
Hand moving from face to flames
Your fingers found my forest
Pulled me to you

They reside
In the space between transfiguration clouds and Hell’s highway
Riding waves as light rides rays

Followed fissures
From hippocampus to mammalian brain
Watched as thoughts of you
Illuminated neural paths splintered across cerebral cortex
Like sheet lightning lights a cloud’s cold surface

I love them all
Their varied shapes and sizes
Moving with different gaits
Some a slight saunter
Certain of their sex appeal
Others head down quick-step
Moving from A to B anonymously

I felt the darkness on me
Coiled around arms and chest
Constricted to apply pressure and control
Revealed intent through slushy ess whispers

Placed my lips on your heart
Drug lower across its surface
Allowing you to feel my desire

As a child
Only Sunday best
Was good enough to touch God
Yoga pants and cargo shorts
The significance is lost

Watched love in action
Her eyes
Focused and relieved
Her lips
Upturned and full
She closed her phone with a caress

She gazed at me shyly
I wanted to kiss her
Lips I had never seen
Making sounds I had never heard
I returned the glance

Waiting sleepy eyed
For their Folgers moment
Having been paused
Restarts with a kiss

She sad sadness spoke to her like an old friend
Offered a cornucopia of complexity
Held tightly within the facade of depression's gourd

Ate the wild flower
It's scarlet syrup
Stained the creased of my smile
Left me satiated

His perfect tenor
Conjures images of her face
Lips pursed
Eyes closed
Hair falling
The two forever conjoined

As it broke the surface
I remembered
The pain inherent in art

Turned into myself
Burring my face in covers
Covering my ears with pillows
Fearing the clown who came with the storm

I remember you
Silent finger stretching across blood black sky
And the skin crawl to follow
When auditory receptors were abruptly activated

I felt it
Left hand on wet fiberglass
Bracing overworked bones and body
Head down anointed by man-made rain

Clouds clutter pale blue morning
Like inkblots clutter afternoon sofa sessions
I see you in both scenarios

Kissed wine from my lips
Leaving the taste of bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate
Mingles with oak

Lost in his fictional desert
Greets morning
With throbbing head and maroon stained lips

I move slowly
Allowing my body to adjust to new day
Long gone the jet packs
Propelling me into morning at first sound of alarm

Focused on thick chunk guitars and screaming
Trying to ignore the blood letting
The suffering associated with beauty

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