Friday, March 2, 2012

Micro Poetry: January – February (2012)

March 2nd and already Mother Nature is reeking havoc in the Midwest. This morning found me eyes open and ears alert to the sounds of hail and thunder. 

Before I can turn my pen towards these wonders, I wanted to give you my #MicroPoetry recap for January and February. As always, there may have been some slight modifications since the original post but most should be familiar to those that follow me on Twitter or are my Facebook friends

Micro Poetry: January – February (2012)

We greeted midnight
Wearing our birthday best
Lips and legs locked
Hands roaming
We paused to welcome it

Sits heavy on tired bones and body
Removes surface images
Focuses on true joy of your smile

I have been here before
Separated from heard
Wolves circling
Teeth gnashing
No longer a fawn
I use my rack to escape

I sat in silence
Tracing words with eyes
Like they formed a picture
Not a paragraph

And I
Trapped in a sensory montage
Bury emotions
Silence the heart
Clamber for awakened thought

Fingernails track forearms
Cold sweat shivers
Life patterns disturbed
Comforts a soul
Fixated on quitting you

I lay
In black morning silence
Staring at a vacant pillow
Waiting for a sunshine that never came

I loved you since I first feared you
God like grumble chasing explosions in the sky
Had me counting distance
Waiting for your arrival

Thought about you
As I massaged your abandoned lotion into my skin
It smelled of late night laughter and hot kisses

Chased the black snake
Through pre-sun morning
Watched it disappear into fog
Like an ancient magician

Laying in bed
Listening to Grace
Clutching pillow close to chest
Craving the sensation of your skin on mine

Fought the buzz
Silenced it with one swift punch
It waited 540 clicks
Then retaliated with a vengeance

Forced neurotransmitters to cross synapses
Seeking clarity of creative thought
Clouded by life's what-if white noise

Slow movement morning
Another physical reminder of youth's fade
Like the grey threatening to overthrow the brown

I found him
Hiding behind toxic eyes
Love drunk
Gazing at the world with malcontent
Like a dog staring at his cage

Descending from heavens
Mechanical Angel lands sharply
Allowing God's children to put feet to soil

Vacation coffee
Opens senses wide
To experience new morning

Spanish moss
Hangs from limbs
Like ghosts of witches
Long ago persecuted

Live Oak leaf
Spins through atmosphere
Like bird with broken wing
Still trying to

Having deflected arrows with potioned points
I am alone
Neither wanting nor content
Just alone

I giggle when I think of you
Return myself to shared experiences
And conversations about nothing
That meant everything

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