Sunday, January 15, 2012

Purity's End...

I have become lazy. Seems as though my only poetic thoughts happen in under 140 characters, like I have given in to the ADD that society has forced upon us through 30 second commercials that have us clambering for $5 food we know will kill us one day. Still we hop in cars to drive the same block we would have walked 25 years ago. Make no mistake, growing old sucks, and while I have done my best to embrace the change and continue to chase my youth, I know it is slowly dying too.

There has been so much going on in my world lately that I felt I needed to reconnect with youth, so I started this piece a month or so ago, and I forced it finished today. It is pretty typical Eric poetry, rule driven, fissure surfing. Ultimately I am playing with numbers and words. Seven is my favorite number, so there are seven stanzas. My other favorites make up seven, three and four. I begin with three stanzas of three lines with three words in each, and then transition to four stanzas of 4 lines with 4 words each. At the end, I hope I have something that means something. You can be the judge of that.

Purity’s End

Meet midnight nightly
Surrounded by strangers
Wearing intoxicated smiles

Weathered eyes, tired
Silver and dirt
Replacing youthful sunshine

Boy buried beneath
Callused voice responses
Signifying purity’s end

Paradise lost long before
Drawing purple cloud skies
Exchanged for green grass
Brown tree trunk reality

Thirsty pupils pointed left
Trying desperately to recall
Agendaless days of summer
Play, life’s ultimate apex

Fearless moments of flight
Falling freely from roofs
Too tall for survival
Tennis-shoed feet escape

Glint of excitement returns
Lips curl upward, slightly
Remembering first kiss power
Restoration of innocence lost

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