Sunday, January 1, 2012

#MicroPoetry Recap - The last of 2011 (Nov-Dec)

Ah January 1...the previous year sits in the rear view while we move towards hope and actualized potential.

For me, it also means it is time to consolidate all of my Micro Poetry posts from the last 2 months. As a reminder I am a writer, and sometimes I just want to play with words, to create just enjoy the images, don't try to figure out if these moments actually happened. You will never know :-)

I lay
In white noise silence
Staring into a circulating ceiling
Creating conversations with the dead

I watched your lips
Their fullness
Make marvelous shapes during conversation
I silenced them
With my lips

Tender eyes witnessed
Great grey bow cut purple ocean
Forming iridescent angel wings
Beauty through fog of conflict

The dark days are upon us
Wasted on a world forbidden to play
Spent in deep solitude

I heard you howl beneath shadowed moon until morning light broke
You thrashed about raising skin with excitation and fear

My bed felt empty
Legs mourning the absence of the tangle
Hands missing the softness of your sea salt skin

I cannot focus
My mind tirelessly weaving a chronological tapestry
Taking me from first breath to you

Pale skin glows beneath purple hue
Clean line from hip to chest interrupted by hand
Body wilts from temperature of touch

I witnessed
Grapefruit sun rising between brown earth and quilted sky
I paused
To take pictures with my mind

I woke-up in dream
Sensation of your touch
So real
My hand searched mattress and covers
Looking for your body

Days between when I kissed your lips
And when I clutch this pillow trying to recall your scent
Have grown too many

Profound white-noise of pre-dawn holiday
The world
Still and silent
Except for the incessant hum of the machine

My fingers
Trace your curves
Effortlessly moving between attractions
Like a skater planning a competition run

Scent of sex
Still lingers on sheets and pillows

Lay in thickened thought
Longing to feel your touch

Snapped the comforter
Watching it fall into place
Forcing the release of hidden air
Caught your scent
Inhaled a smile

In silent reflection
In vocal rejection
Dance with personal demons
Lean on each other to stand

Even in the darkest of mornings
My mind
Rich with thoughts of you
Provides light

Tore me from sheets
Where she
Still naked and wanting
My resentment has never been so strong

You entered through a window
Painted shut
Seal unbroken for years
But here you are
The breeze feels magnificent

I watched you falling
Floating through dark pre-dawn sky
Dissolved before I felt your presence

Buried beneath blankets
Head moving between pillow and breasts
As we danced in short-breath silence

Once peaceful
Replaced by nightmares
No words
Just footsteps and clawing
My mind

Sandwiched between semi's
Cold rain and mist wiped from windshield
While dividing lines disappear into street shimmer

And I lie here
Naked and Shivering
Longing for warmth
For Summer's sunshine kiss
For your touch

And I
Having taken my last conscious breath
Met you with closed eyes
Where we lay beneath lilac and walked in clouds

I have fallen from favor
Purity Wings
Once outstretched
Now bound to back
White feathers gray
Tarnished from soot

Sleep restless
Dreaming of elves and Jesus
While parents
Drink wine and tape folds
Trying to bring the joy they once knew

I remember when I lost my poet
Hiding in deep confusion's dark forest
Shouting words into silence
I refused to listen

Filled with crisp 4 am air
Push body forward
Filled with sullenly etched images
Lives in rewind

I awoke to the image me and you
Palm to palm
Chest to chest
Eye to eye
We moved with absolution

The world waits
For corks to pop and balls to drop
Ten seconds of unbridled hope
Newness greeted with a kiss

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