Sunday, April 3, 2011

April = Awesome

For those in the winter weather weary Midwest you probably think that this blog is the official announcement of sunshine's arrival. Well, you are wrong. Not that I am not stoked about Old Man Winter going into hibernation for several months, but this post is about the alignment of stars, about all things that are great in this world, including Cool-Whip and Cherries, taking the passenger seat to the Month of Rock.

Without a doubt this April features the best line-up of shows I have ever seen in one month, so I thought I would do a little video collage of the concerts I will be attending.

Up first Queens of the Stone Age at the Pageant. Unless you have your tickets, you are out of luck...SOLD OUT!!! This concert is extra special for a couple reasons. 1) It is my first time seeing QotSA 2) I graduated high-school with the lead singer, Josh Homme. I know you all just thought, how is this your first QotSA show then? Well, I was actually a bigger fan of Josh's first band Kyuss. That was the band I grew up with, the band I saw at generator parties in high-school, the band I listened to every time I took a trip from San Diego to Palm Desert.

Now, were Josh and I good friends, absolutely not. In fact the last time I bumped into him was when I was home on leave from bootcamp. I approached him to tell him that I saw the video for Green Machine, and I thought it was awesome. He was a total cocky ass. But whatevs, I am quite sure he would have no idea who I was today. We played football together, and maybe had two classes together. But, it is still cool to know that you can accomplish what he did with his life, and the reality is, as a musician, I have the utmost respect for his playing, producing, and for the fact that he essentially created a new genre of music called Stoner Rock.

Year book photos:

"Go with the Flow"

Flowing up this rockfest we have the 1st Annual Pajammy Jam. I put together a great line-up of performers: Brian Sowinski, Loza, and of course my band So Much Closer, the Koken is a super cool space, and my good friend Vinnie Saletto is running sound. Plus our friends My Molly are going to be joining us for two songs. SO COOL!!!


This show is NOT sold out, and actually we could really use some support. I mean you get to wear your pajamas, who doesn't love that? Here is a little commercial we made for it.

The following Thursday, April 14th, the Damnwells are coming to town. I think my love for this band has been made very clear through the course of this blog. If you somehow missed it, read the Epic Roadtrip '09 series. Trust me, if you are in St. Louis, and want to see a great show, you will want to come to Off Broadway on the 14th.


April 22nd has me over at the Old Rock House for the Black Angels. I am new to the Black Angels, but the Old Rock House just implemented one of the coolest things any venue has done, local musicians, in current bands, can get in free to any show at ORH. To say I am going to be spending a lot of time at this venue is an understatement. I have asked them to just put a cot up for me.

On April 27th I am in a HUGE quandary. I have a ticket to go to the Pageant for the sold out The Decemberists show, but there is a conflicting show at Off Broadway that has Company of Thieves on the bill. It is hard to say for sure, but Company of Thieves probably put on my favorite show I saw all of last year, and seeing them at Off Broadway would be amazing...What. To. Do.

The Decemberists "Down by the Water"

Company of Thieves "Oscar Wilde"

If someone can please let me know what they would do about the 27th, I would really appreciate it. Here is to an AWESOME April!!!

SHIT!!! I just remembered Wakey! Wakey! is going to here on the 27th too. I think the booking Agents need to start working together this is crazy. Three shows I would LOVE to attend all on the same night. DAMN!!!

"War Sweater"


  1. My vote is the Company of Thieves. At least at Off Broadway you'll be able to 1) actually talk to the band, 2) See the band up close and personal, 3)feel like you are making a difference for the indie scene by being there, and 4) not have to pay for parking. Oh and 5) I am sure it will be much cheaper across the board. 6) you might be able to get something signed which is always fun. 7) You could actually hook up with the singer. You do that I will give you 100.00 in pennies.

  2. Rob, you are so right. My friend Steph that snagged the Decemberists ticket for me said she can take someone else, so looks like I will be Company of Thieves bound.