Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still Thinking of You...the Unsolved Mystery

Those that follow me on Twitter or have "Friended" me on Facebook, may be aware that on Friday I came home to a rose on my doorstep.

This is probably a totally normal event for most you, or at least an event that has happened to you before. Not me. Except for when my dad forgot my birthday and sent the obligatory "Oh Shit" flowers, I cannot recall ever being sent flowers. That being said, it was completely anonymous. So, if the sender is reading. Thank you. You have no idea how cool that was for me. I was already on a post-gig high from playing an incredible 4 hour set with So Much Closer at the Brewhouse, and then I get a rose. Inced my cake indeed.

Of course, I have a curious mind, so I have used some deductive reasoning to narrow down suspects, but ultimately all I have are theories.

My first concern was was it intended for me, I mean I do have a roommate, and it wouldn't be the first time I received a neighbors mail. Well, unless there is another Eric in the house, I think it was for me, and they obviously know my address, which isn't really very hard to find on-line, so this has not helped me to narrow things down at all.

Now, I do not know Dierberg's delivery policy, but I couldn't imagine them rolling a van for a single non-vase rose, so who ever it is is close enough to do a drive by.

It would appear to be someone that I know but haven't talked to in a while. And for the doubters, a girl. No boy writes like this, unless my roommate planted it and purposefully girlied up the handwriting in some weird attempt to boost my self-esteem. Maybe since there has recently been a role reversal, he is WGF (with girl-friend) and I am SGF (sans girl-friend), he thought I needed a pick-me-up. Previous to his WGF status I would have never thought him capable of doing something of this nature, but I saw him turn into Betty Crocker over Valentines Day, so it is not outside of the realm of possibilities.

The reason I think I haven't talked this person in a while is the use of "Still." I am actually pretty friendly with most of my ex's, so we talk (sometimes) daily, weekly, definitely monthly. I'll see them at shows or other functions. If it were one of them, I would expect them to just put "Thinking of you" as opposed to "Still thinking of you!" There are a few that I have lost contact with, so they have just moved up in the rankings.

The next clue could be a completely random occurrence or could be indicative of someone that really knows me. This card was also attached to it:

Roses are without a doubt my favorite flower. So the person either got really lucky, or we have had enough discussions that this random tidbit of information came up, and they remembered it. Because I don't want to read too much into it and the fact that the rose is a fairly common place instrument used when showing interest, we'll say it was a random occurrence, which still leaves me with an open list of potential candidates, and an unsolved mystery.

Besides being just an incredibly cool gesture (albeit somewhat stalkeresque and creepy) it also made me do a little writing. The concept of "still thinking of someone" hit home sending some random flourishes of thought into my frontal lobe, so I released them here for you. It gets kind of racy, so you are warned.

I Still Think of You

Whose energy ignited social sparks and summer skin
Like solar flares exposing a fragile atmosphere

Whose genius and creativity caused curious moments
Like humming baroque movement melody on first date

Whose sunshine smile and intoxicated laughter released daydream-desires
Like pre-teen magazine-moments as he dreamt of what it would be like

Whose youthful kisses are still seared on wanting lips
Like Sigma stains shoulders of black brothers

Whose intelligence was only usurped by insatiable passion
Like mammalian brain absent Leptin leads to death by gluttony

Whose full breasts found my fingers kneading them
Like my thickening self needed to feel your warmth


  1. Let's not cut anyone out just yet, Here are a few facts to consider. St Louis is a diverse town. A florist will deliver anything you pay them too. That being said, A florist could have filled out the card. Now you live on a street with other houses somewhere in the vicinity of St Louis, your street has trees and there is a bar not far from your house.

    hehehe, through my deductive reasoning I have narrowed it down to 3 people...

    1. Albert Pujols
    2. RuPaul
    3. Snookie

    Hope this helps!!!

  2. Hilarious. Of the options, oddly, I think I would take Snookie.

  3. WOW! I'm now totally curious. A Good mystery gets me every time! How fun! If you figure it out, be sure and tell me!

  4. Yeah, so far no one has owned up to it, so it may remain unsolved :-(