Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Not Embarrassed Fanboy

It is completely evident, by now, that I am a bit abnormal. My interests don't seem to be inline with other 30 something males. A glowing example of this is my, relative, obsession with teen dramas. This was probably never as apparent as this Tuesday when I headed down to the Firebird to see a band I had limited interest in just because the lead singer, Taylor Momsen, is none other than Jenny Humphrey from one of my favorite shows Gossip Girl. As it turns out, she put on a helluva show and has a very powerful voice.

Judging by people's reaction when I say I like Gossip Girl, I know this is, apparently, socially unacceptable, but I am left wondering why. To me the fact that I like these teen dramas is about Nature verse Nurture, and what people do not realize is that is not an all-or-nothing proposition. The fact that I love boobs and soft skin is nature. The fact that I have never cheated on a girl is nurture. I was raised by my mother. It should stand to reason that I would have acquired a certain amount of feminine interests, one of them just happens to be teen dramas. Also, I would genuinely prefer to watch a Romantic Comedy than an Action flick. The reality is I am just man enough to admit it, to not be an embarrassed Fanboy.

My obsession with teen dramas started with My So Called Life, which is still probably the best show to ever air on public television. I was an avid fan of Dawson's Creek and Felecity, watched the OC, and now my DVR is set to record One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and my favorite of them all Friday Night Lights. One of the things that is great about teen dramas is they have introduced me to a lot of great music. While I'd like to be super hip and trendy, standing on the cutting edge begging the world to follow me, I am not. I like what I like, and I have never been concerned with being the first to discover the "newest" thing because frankly a lot of those new, pretty, things suck. Once the shine of newness has faded the world realizes it made a mistake. Here is a video recap of some of my best discoveries.

Of course My So Called Life, besides being the best show ever, launched the career of Jared Leto. The heartthrob who I actually couldn't stand, dude was always breaking my girl's heart. That, by the way, is a learned behavior. But now he fronts 30 Seconds to Mars. All that started right here:

Probably my best discovery was Death Cab for Cutie on the OC. I had been hearing that name for years, but I honestly thought it was some thrash band or something, until this episode.

Sorry it won't let me embed it. Watch the clip HERE.

The One Tree Hill has been great about bringing new artists on the show and even launching careers of cast members.

I still love the Wreckers.

While I cannot give One Tree Hill credit for introducing me to Kate Voegele, as I had been following her on MySpace for quite sometime, what the show did to launch her career was really cool.

Again, no embedding. Watch HERE.

And my most recent favorite who I actually got to see at Off Broadway and will be playing at the Firebird in April, Wakey! Wakey!

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  1. Could not agree with you more...I am 58 and the teen shows are still some of my favs...Definitely keeps me up to date with great artist.