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Favorite Track - the reality of monday morning

Alright, quick recap. You have caught me in the middle of a blog series based on my favorite track(s) from each CD I have recorded. Caught may not be the best word, it is not like my hand is deep in the cookie jar with only my elbow exposed as I fish out the last chocolate chip. Of course maybe it is worse, blog after blog of me talking about songs I have written and why I like them, could I be more of an egocentric prick? Possibly, but for a quick refresher, this is how all THIS got started.

It wasn't me, someone asked.

the reality of monday morning was very much a pinnacle yet transitional CD for me. It was the last CD EKe would ever record, but by many opinions the best CD I have ever recorded. It sold the most units, was the most favorably reviewed, received the most radio play...heck it even landed me my first gig at Mississippi Nights, a venue I had been trying to play since I moved to St. Louis.

I will never forget that call. I had recently sent press kits to every venue, radio station, and magazine in the area. I was sitting at my desk on a lunch break and my cell went off. I answered. On the other end I heard, "Hey this is Tim Weber (I may have pissed myself at that moment) from Mississippi Night." In my head I was screaming fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck it's Tim Fuckin' Weber - I cuss a lot when I am in shock. You have to understand this was my forth CD, and I had sent him everyone. My ex even walked Lost Angel into his office. I didn't think I would ever get this call. "Man, I have to tell you I NEVER do this, but I really like this CD, and I would like to set-up a show for you here."

This CD, the reality of monday morning, featured EKe v2.3. We were on our 3rd bass player, Mat Haynes, second drummer, Brian Sigmund (former percussionist), and had switched from guitar/keys to a dual guitar format with the leads being held down by Scott Allen, and Scott changed everything. He was (is) amazing. He played with soul and texture, and when required he would kill a lead. We became more jammy and somewhat Southern Rock. This was also the first CD without Rob Woerther. I decided it was time to move to a big boy studio, so we went to Smith Lee to track and the Double J Ranch for vocals and overdubs. John John engineered and produced the CD.

When I was going over the tracks on this CD, I immediately knew what my favorite track was. Although I love them all, "Been Down" had to be the pick.

Been Down by EKe by SoMuchCloser

"Been Down" received more radio play then any other song I have recorded. We were working with a radio promotion company at the time, and received lots of international play, as well as regional and local play. I know this sounds very David hasselhoff, "I am huge in Germany," but "Been Down" was actually the most requested song 2 weeks in a row on a small station out of Perth, Australia. I've always assumed they thought Been Down was like Down Under, but whatever. It was a cool feeling.

The song is actually about a movie I saw in 7th grade, The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Something about that movie stuck with me, so I wrote the song from the perspective of one of the victims. The story teller is outside himself watching the events occur. I let the girl get away.

Been Down

Intoxicated ignorance on a catfish Friday
There’s lovers in the parking lot calling his name
Bodies gyrate beneath my cherry glow
Beneath my cherry glow

There’s a cross swingin’ from the rearview
Tornado siren across the lion wind
Energy in the air but Momma I’m still alone
Oh Momma I’m still alone

Been down so long, oh my Momma
I’ve been down Momma, I’ve been down
Been down where the grass don’t grow no more
I’ve been down Momma, I’ve been down
Wet steal tapping glass
The crucifix pauses for a moment
He looks in and she looks up
Yes she looks up

Her torn dress disappears into night
There’s fire and lead across Emmanuel sky
My head it burns, I’ve got scarlet stains
I’ve got scarlet stains

Been down so long, oh my Momma
I’ve been down Momma, I’ve been down
Been down where the grass don’t grow no more
I’ve been down Momma, I’ve been down

There is another song that I really wanted to share. It was the closing track, "Time Disappears." By itself is a great song. It has timing shifts, a solid groove, and probably the best all out jam on the album. What it also has is a back-end hidden track. That is kind of a signature trick for me. I really like to hide tunes so those that are really listening get a little gift. What is so special about this hidden track is it was completely improvised. The band didn't even know we were going to do something. When they thought we were done tracking. I told them to throw a groove,and I would make up lyrics over it thanking all the people that had been supporting us. All I had was a list of the names of people we wanted to thank. To come off the cuff with music and lyrics and have it actually work is pretty damn impressive. It is long, so grab a beer, and give it a spin.

Time Disappears...Surprise Jam by EKe by SoMuchCloser

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