Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to My Insanity

I don’t think that I have OCD, but I do think I do some very peculiar things, mental tricks, games I play inside my mind. My favorite was in college. I was obsessed with getting straight A's. Back then almost all exams were done on a scantron which required a No. 2 pencil. Like many ball players will wear lucky socks or jocks, I had lucky pencils, but they were not lucky. They had been trained in the fine art of test taking. I’d use the same pencil for every exam until it was sharpened to an unusable nub. To ensure I was always prepared, as a pencil was nearing its sad demise, during tests, I would get the next one out and set it on the desk so it could watch and learn. Yes, welcome to my insanity. For the record, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 on my transcript.

This morning, during a Sunday cleaning ritual, I decided to swap out my CDs. Yes I said CDs. I am old school. I like to own the disc, the liner notes, like to listen to an entire album as the artist intended. In my car a carry a CD case with about 20 CDs. I do this because it forces me to listen to CDs I wouldn’t normally. Like everyone else, I tend to have go to CDs that I will spin a laser rut into, so when I swap out CDs I take 2 from each rack of my CD case—they are alphabetized by artist; artists with multiple discs are organized chronologically. Instead of a normal swap I one-upped my insanity. This time as I hit a row and was drawn to a CD, I could take it, but the second one from the row HAD to be touching the CD I took, unless it was the same artist, then I could move to the next artist on either side. Yes, welcome to my insanity.

As a result, I have a seriously diverse lot of music in my case:

Christina Aguilera – Stripped

The Allman Brothers Band – The Fillmore Concerts

Bush – Goldenstate

Vanessa Carlton – Be Not Nobody

Death Cab for Cutie – Photo Album

Gavin DeGraw – Self Titled

Helmet – Meantime

Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys

ilyAIMY – Between Lovely and Twilight

Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of…

The Little Willies – Self Titled

Live – The Distance to Here

Bill Miller – The Red Road

Morrissey – Viva Hate

Paramore – Brand New Eyes

Brad Paisley – Time Well Wasted

Duncan Sheik – Self Titled

She Daisy – The Whole SheBANG

Spoon – Transference

Train – Self Titled

Tool – Undertow

If you follow my blips, you will see a lot of these artists over the next few weeks, as I tend to blip the artist I was listening to on the way to work.

Alright that is it for this quick one. Surely I am not the only one, so what kind of insane things do you do? Let me know in your comments.

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  1. I swear I have every one of those albums in my library. Sad thing is that I would never listen to most of them from start to finish. I've always been a fan of mix tapes with just a few songs from each artist. I bet I've missed a lot of good tracks over the years, but even the good artists but a few shit tracks out from time to time. You are a much more devoted audiophile than me. I can't wait to hear your picks.