Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Morning After

I don’t want to make this too long, but I certainly feel like a blog post is required after last night. I mean, we did play the Pageant.

I think our drummer probably summed it up best in a Facebook Post:

(Please don’t ask me why he uses Jim Swinson instead of his real name)

What’s weird about huge shows like is I am often left feeling empty afterward, like there is so much build up to them: promotion, practice, anticipation, anxiety...there is 40 minutes of pure pleasure, and then you are slapped back into reality. I guess it is similar to a one night stand, except the chase takes months. When she gets up to head home, you feel kind of dirty and sad because deep down you really liked this one; you really wanted this one to hang around.

Maybe it is more like a birthday, you never really feel different the next day, but you wish you would.

So, I try to relive the moment. Through pictures…

Pat shot this from the stage on his Blackberry

This one came from my good friend Meredith aka @rockstarima

And Melissa, the awesome front woman for Peach (@peachlikethex), shot this

And when that is not enough, I go inside my mind and write. This is for all of you that made it out. Thank you, sincerely.

The Morning After

You in foreign bed my eyes have never seen
And I trapped between blanket and pillow


Dreaming of catching your glance
Across wood
And smoke
And bodies
You moving like serpent seductress
And I in the moment
Reveal head and heart from wicker basket

But I saw you all
Hiding behind the glowing hue of technology
With adult recess smile
Jumped from concrete to wood
Leading your followers to salvation
To freedom found in movement
With childlike excitement
Experienced an epiphany
One day
You would be me
With shy eyes
Hid in the shadows hoping to evade my gaze
But I saw you all

When lights faded
And smoke sat heavy on the floor
You baptized me in bodies
And hands
And chests
Saying what words could not

And I
Gave you everything I had
Amplified my animus so you could see the real me
So you could see just how pure I am

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