Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Trip to the Sun...

I feel as though I have been slacktastic as of late: no new blogs, no new videos. But I have an excuse! And it is a valid one. Somehow my PC caught a gnarly Trojan that was a replicator. I suspect this may have happened while I was in California, but I cannot confirm (insert roommate shenanigans here). Thankfully my buddy Jeff was able to wipe my PC and rebuild it, but we are still struggling with getting the sound to work. In the absence of sound, all I have are my words. I hope you do not mind. 

The 101

Drove the PCH
Through miles of sleepy seaside shanties
Rows of million dollar shacks
Inching their way towards fresh breaks
An occasional flip-flopped surfer emerged
Board shorts and tattered tee
Skin brown
Like skin of Aztecs who lived in loin clothes
While building great civilization
Sun weary hair
Tangled and matted by salt’s compound grip
On the horizon
They duck dive
Dipping into calm beneath fury
As sun fades
Leaving raspberry trails
Across dusk sky
I am thrust into the speed of now
5 to 8 to 163
And the heart of the city

I was literally driving, so I was unable to snap shots of the drive, but I think this one of Ocean Beach at dusk gives you an idea of the beauty.

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