Sunday, July 1, 2012

#MicroPoetry Recap: May - June 2012

The summer months are upon us. We are sweating out all the toxins stored through the dark months, our skin's healthy glow will initiate the mating cycle and later kill us, as it morphs into cancer. Beauty and pain, isn't it amazing how they are often closely related?

After that sobering thought, now back to your regularly scheduled program, the last two months have been fairly productive for my pen. My muse loves warmth, and our unseasonably warm spring had her begging me to pull the images out of my head.

As always, all of these have previously been posted in Twitter and/or Facebook, but not always in the form you will read them today, as I do edit before I post these recaps. I am not sure if all of these can be considered #MicroPoetry because I am definitely blowing by the 140 Character limit of Twitter on some of them, so maybe I will just call them Tiny Poetry, which was actually a chapter in my Master's thesis, always ahead of the curve.


#MicroPoetry: May - June (2012)

Blue jeans
Blood blackened
Fresh flesh
His heart
Her heart
Held him

Nuzzled to nape of neck
Cloaked by strands of silk
Shrouded by the scent of mischief

Wearing a sweltered sheen
Fixated on open window
Negotiating with God for a breeze

Took the long way
Affixed to an old two lane beneath the supermoon
Lamenting over the lack of smoke in my wake

Muddled with magnolia and summer steam
Humidity held in cement pores
Released as sun heated horizon

He bit her plump lower lip
A gentle reminder
Of love's inherent pain
I woke-up in a still-frame
Feet buried in seventy’s shag
Avocado appliances holding young arms
My silent screams

Pre-dawn sanctuary lit by candles
Creating shadow movies
Misused sheets
Damp and displaced
Support pillows
Love’s indentions
Still present
Hours after sunrise

My mind
Dives into taboo daydreams
Writes stories
Holds the line
Takes tales from inception to resolution
Explores detail and nuance
Shakes loose fantasy to ponder now

She danced in her rearview
Shook off afternoon sleep
Sang hushed songs when no one was watching
Fixed her hair when she realized eyes were on her

There is a sadness
When sheets are pulled taunt
Pillows fluffed
Wrinkles swept from underused blanket
All while the sun still sleeps

I relive conversations and failed connection points
Stories fragmented and nervous
But I could paint her face from memory
If I had a brush and talent

She painted I love you on his chest
Her brush
A wanting finger
Her paint
Devoured before it could dry

You sparkled when I looked at you
I moved in closely so you could feel my words on your skin
You reciprocated by amplifying my passion

Rain came
Introduced by scent of wet concrete and lazy thunder
Leaves and limbs bow in reverence

Your words
Shed clothes
Tender flesh
Scars and all
Leave me feeling complete
Broken yet whole

Slivered moon
In May’s obsidian sky
Just west of muddy waters
Above homogenized houses and my bed
Hospital corners and a vacant sign

I dreamed in words whispered
With insidious intent
Parting petals
Fingers full of hair

I woke red-eyed
From red dreams
Anima overwhelmed by animus
Self threatened
Hidden rage trembles fingers
But conscious mind calms

She said shower and he went to work
Painting pictures of petals he had never seen
Focusing on the trickle of water that fell from her flower

I thought of her
Painting her lips
Tracing the lines of her face
As if pencils were fingers

Allowing each word
To float from tongue
Like feathers from a freshly fluffed pillow
Like lovers
Who prefer movies to moments

Streets sleep
While cardinals dance with metropolitans
Rams hide from heat
And blues are replaced by a summertime rag

The Air
Coated my skin
Reminded me
Of thick summers
The smell of hot Pine
And Sweet Azalea
Of Ruby Jane’s
Ever present smile
And innocent giggles

More ears than mouth
Listening to conversations of lovers
And dreaming myself inside their words

Her tongue
Move around teeth
Savoring every drop
As if vital to her existence

From the place
Where dreams go to hide
I greet the morning
With malicious mind and sinister smile
Slept late
Trapped in a flashback
Your breath on my neck
Midnight moon and hot kisses
Gentle whimpers of controlled want

And I
With crab claws wrapped in velvet
Hold tight
Pull you inward
Allow the touch of your skin
To penetrate my shell

Low sky drive
Wind buffeting
Her voice transfigured
Rises as human’s
Descends as angel’s

She toyed with opposites
Slow trickle of a solitary ice cube
Moving down aroused flesh
Heat of her tongue as she traced cold trail

I awoke
To you smiling up at me
Begging for me to play

And you with closed ears
Navigate human bodies
Like you navigate mannequins
Your face
Your eyes
Refuse to catch mine
He sat zombie eyed
Forward focused
Had he canine ears
They would have turned
Pointed in the direction of words
Of Communication
Of engagement
He wanted it
He had been tamed

I like to watch the city wake-up
Proud patrons
Gyrate through a sea of similar souls
Jockeying for position
As if crosswalk curbs
Were metaphor
For lowest rungs on life's ladder

We watched the city unravel
Desegregate itself under a summer night sky
Moving in masses towards manufactured sounds of war
All hopeful for a glimpse of brilliant explosions juxtaposed against cloudless black backdrop

Their tongue
Elongated vowels
Stretched across city streets
Offered pleasantries with freshly thawed smiles

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