Saturday, June 5, 2010


I wrote last night. After some bar hopping and too many cocktails my newly sober mind was awake on the top down drive from downtown St. Louis to my little oasis in the Pete. For those that follow my blog (sincerely thank you if you do, ya’ll don’t comment much, but I watch my numbers, and as they increase it makes me feel like I am connecting with people, even if you choose to remain faceless) I am hoping that you can see a difference in the writing.

For the past several weeks my inspiration well has been dry and the muse was off seducing some other simple minded fool, eyes all glistening from sap and perceived love. In the desire to continually create, I have been borrowing inspiration and compelling the words to come out and play. Not last night, last night she was with me, fingers through hair, softly whispered lies of love. She impelled the words, made them keep me up until 3:00 when I could embrace the final line. She is a flirt, a whore, and as unfaithful as a barnyard bitch, but I love when she visits me.

I sincerely hope you enjoy:


Shot out of city like prisoner escaping pen
40/64 on-ramp final barbed fence before freedom
And freedom snake slithers above intoxicated dreams dripping from drunken lips
Inebriated breakups and breaking bottles now faint…distant
Delicate sounds embrace my mind
And all I want is to feel wind dry my body damp from thick air
And Summer’s sunshine kiss
All I want is to forget
The night
The day
The week
The Green Dragon sparring with the Captain
The moments between when I fell in love with you
And when I realized you would never love me
The time spent in dreams of your head on my belly
Its rise and fall closing tired eyes
My fingers found in soft strands hiding your nape
Its tender presence reserved for candlelight and whispered wants
But I can’t take my mind off of you

Before I close out, I have to mention the Pledge drive one more time. We are SO close, 70% of the way there, but we are running out of time. We only have 11 days to hit that mark or it was all for not. So please take a moment to pledge if you have not. Remember, you are not just giving us money, you are getting something for each level you pledge, whether you are just pre-ordering a CD (or multiple CDs, they will make awesome stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, anniversary presents...okay maybe not anniversary presents, but...) or signing up to roadtrip with the band, introduce us at a show, have us play at your house, etc. Also, there are TONS of exclusives that have been posted to the Pledge site, 22 updates total with 10 videos, 2 photos, 4 tracks, and lots of lyrics. AND, once we hit our target 25% of everything we raise goes to the American Cancer Society. So help us complete this awesome CD and give back to a great organization.


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