Saturday, January 23, 2010

Siren’s Solitude Song

My mind, like most, rests in routine. If there was constant newness it would burnout like a light left on too long. But, it is inspired by those miracle moments when freshness forces it to escape the boundaries that it builds to protect itself.

This morning I had one of those moments. I knew I wanted to write, but desire and ability do not often lie in the same bed. Today they were lovers.

There are a few things that consistently compel my pen, relationships, as you all know, new experiences are another igniter, and weather. I do not know if it is the moon’s pull over my Cancerian soul or just an intimacy I have with nature, but weather often frees me from self-imposed shackles.

I hope you enjoy reading my moment, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

Siren’s Solitude Song

And you
came thick
shimmering beneath headlights’ fake sunshine rays
like cubic zirconium sparkling in places where diamonds should live

The sun
distant unseen
dwarfed by your commanding presence
as if Zeus had allowed his oceans to fill the atmosphere

And you
bring nightmares
faceless forms moving about in shadows cast by aging incandescence
their heat and hum produce miracle moments of energy despite deep chill

The shadow
silent stalker
follows close then disappears into daytime darkness
as if it too was frightened by your blinding chrome essence

But you
fell gentle
soft warm wet embrace wrapped around me
like lovers lost to moonlight madness and Siren’s solitude song

And I
swam in silver swirls
danced in daytime darkness
like big kid with tongue trying to taste air

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by very talented people, so I am going to borrow some photography from my good friend Corey Woodruff, yes the former drummer of Whiskey Daydream and the current drummer of Phat noiZ, ladies keep your panties on...shirts can come off though. Recently Woody did a shoot called Chasing Light in Fog. I think these shots add a nice visual to the poem.


And one more...

That's all for always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the poem.


  1. The poem is better than the pics!


  2. LOL...I say they compliment each other nicely.