Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eric Has a Big Boy Blog...

I just realized that the title of this post, my first post, depending on how well you know me or if you know me at all, can produce multiple interpretations. If you only know me through the interwebs then maybe it means nothing to you, other than conjuring up some fond memory of a 30 foot statue of what seemed to be a 5 year old carrying a plate of rather large burgers, maybe every post from here on out will be comprised of my experiences with the Bob's Big Boy restaurant chain, and why not really. If you know KNOW me, you know I am a big guy, minus a 4 year period in the Navy and my Senior year of high-school, have always been a big guy, will probably always be a big guy, despite an insane workout schedule and an active lifestyle. Maybe this blog has been created to discuss what it is like to live as a big man in a heroin sheik society, how daily we all pray to have been born during the Ruben's period when big truly was beautiful. Maybe it is none of that and all of it.

I have been blogging for years, just through MySpace. Being a singer/songwriter MySpace is an essential part of my Social Networking life. It provides me with an opportunity to post songs and share them with anyone willing to listen, so I have used its little antiquated blog page to post my thoughts on recordings, songs, tours, musicians...whatever. Well, having crested 35 this year, I decided the great record deal and tour bus may not be in my future. It was a sad day, but I have always been one to find new cheese. This year marked a swing in focus from Music to Career. I will NEVER stop playing and performing, just reigned in the dreams a bit, so I can be content.

With new direction comes reflection, and reflections deserves a better platform, hence this blog. I actually decided to do this a few months ago, but I wanted to get a logo and make it all slick. The logo is still in production, and the words could not wait any longer. My friend Stephanie Tolle, the famed ironstef, besides being a foodie, a fantastically inspiring blogger, bowler and pretty decent golfer, is also a Graphics Designer, so she is helping me out with that, stay tuned for a logo that will melt your face...yes I said it, it is high-school cliche, and I don't care!

I wanted this first post to be an introduction of sorts, maybe lay out some acceptable assumptions about this blog. So here they are:

  1. Because if the nature of my job, I am choosing to reign myself in, don't go corporate bashing, this is a choice I am making because I believe it is the right thing to do. Although I enjoy a Christmas Story cusstantrum as much anyone, probably more, my dad taught me years ago a good writer can write the moment more powerfully without the language.
  2. I will almost always be doing laundry when I post, don't know why I wanted to share that, but I did. I actually own more guitars than pairs of pants, so I do lots of laundry.
  3. I will include some type of poetry in every post, could be a haiku, short form, epic...there will be poetry.
  4. Music and how it touches/moves me will be a recurring theme, lots of posts about great concerts, new albums I am in love with, and what I am doing with my own music, new songs, shows, recordings....
  5. I am an out of the closet Teen TV addict: Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girls, One Tree Hill, as well as SYTYCD and AI, will definitely appear in posts.
I think those are five simple assumptions which should help you determine whether or not you want to read this thing.

That being said, laundry needs to be flipped, but first I wanted to share a quick poem. I am a very muse driven writer. I can force my pen but prefer not to. I prefer to allow an event, emotion, moment to guide the ink, so I write a lot when I travel, newness seems to impel me to write. He is a quick one or you...enjoy!


New Orleans drips energy
streets filled with winos and women
masses march to rhythm of “City Beneath the Sea”
smell of coffee fills squares
where people dance in conversations
over jazz movements
Creole flavors burn tongues
open nasal passages
allow pungent scents
that excite and sooth
New Orleans sleeps beneath
sounds of sweepers and Hymns

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  1. Welcome to our world! I hope you find it a fun place to live in, rather than just visiting your friends every now and again. It can be a bit like Hotel California (once you get in...), but (mostly) in a good way.

    Or at least that's what it has me brainwashed into thinking.